Siting at the kitchen table having breakfast with your cats at my feet. The rays of the morning sun which used to cloak you in a halo of golden light still shines on your empty seat. All that remains of you are the dust mites dancing in the light. The light in the room gently […]

Leaking Roof

Have not thought about you for a while. However in the dark last night I lay there on your side of the bed trying to figure out how it all went so wrong, so fast. How did it go from waking up one morning and saying “I love you” to going to bed alone 16 […]


3 months in rehab And the only visitor I got was your mother How strange it was waking up and seeing her face peering so intently into mine. I think she was rather surprised when she eventually noticed me looking back at her. She left rather hurriedly after that. Knowing her, it’s probably to cancel […]


No, I did not write to you asking for money for the repairs. So I am returning your cheque I merely wrote to inform you of the expense and the frustration regarding the pipes. I had to take 3 days unpaid leave from work to babysit the plumbers and all their casual labourers as it […]


Had to fix the entire length of water pipes along the side of the house as they were corroded beyond repair and started disintegrating and leaking underground. We should have replaced the pipes years ago as discussed but like most things we discussed, including fixing up the house most came to naught. I only discovered […]